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How to set a fixed profile location

Find an existing valid local profile (.obm) folder Stop the online backup scheduler service Copy this folder into c:\cybersecure so it looks like c:\cybersecure\.obm Replace home.txt to contain only the following single entry: c:\cybersecure\.obm Set home.txt to read-only Restart the … Continue reading

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The parameter is incorrect

Error [Error][New File] File=”XXXX” Error=”[com.ahsay.obc.core.bset.file.A] [BackupRequestTask.uploadFiles] Unexpected exception for sFilename=\\XXXX sFileType=F, caused by [] The parameter is incorrect. “ Cause This is a result of underlying storage performance or reliability problems. Resolution Check the Windows Event log for events from … Continue reading

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“Unknown error encountered” when installing Image Manager

This error occurs because the “My Documents” folder points to a network location. This may have been done manually or be inherited through group policy that has Folder Redirection enabled To check where My Documents points to click Start > … Continue reading

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How to check event viewer for exchange errors

Open the Windows Event viewer from Administrative Tools Right-click the “Application” log and choose “Filter current log” Select “Critical”, “Error”, “Warning” and choose the source as “ESE”. This will only show problem events related to the “Extensible Storage Engine”. Go … Continue reading

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Pre-command script to stop backup

Go to Client’s Backup Set in OBS console Under “Pre-backup command” heading fill out the fields Name: USB Not Present Command: IF NOT EXIST %DRIVE_LETTER%: ECHO¬†USBDriveNotConnected¬†>%userprofile%\.obm\ipc\BackupSet\%backup_set_ID%\stop(Where %DRIVE_LETTER% is the letter of the removal drive and %backup_set_ID% is the backup set … Continue reading

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