All about passwords

There are two types of passwords in file backup desktop/server editions: an account password and an encryption password.

Account Password

  1. There is one account password per backup account.
  2. Allows access into the backup account.
  3. Can be changedhowever it’s not recommended the account password be changed unless there is a very good reason, since the account password will then differ from the backup set(s) encryption password, which cannot be changed.

Encryption passwords

  1. There is one encryption password per backup set
  2. Allows decryption of backup data within backup set
  3. File backup desktop only has one backup set, server edition can have multiple backup sets.
  4. The encryption password cannot be changed once the backup set has been created.
  5. By default the account password is used as the encryption password when creating a backup set.
  6. The encryption password is cached locally on the machine (under the backup profile location) so that automated backups can run without prompting for the password.
  7. If the encryption password is forgotten it can ONLY be retrieved from your existing software installation for both the desktop edition and server edition.