Changing an account from/to desktop/server edition

Pre-flight Checklist

  1. Ensure you have recorded your:
    1. Login name (see a recent backup report)
    2. Encryption password – retrieve from your existing advanced edition or standard edition
  2. Notify CyberSecure of the change – we need to migrate your account from our server-side before you will be able to login under the new edition

Process to migrate to/from Advanced or Standard

  1. Wait for CyberSecure to convert your account, we will provide confirmation when this has been done
  2. Uninstall CyberSecure from “Programs and Features” (Windows) or follow this guide for Mac OS.
  3. Download the latest edition agent from our downloads page.
  4. Install the desired edition agent – just go with the default installer settings
  5. Open the new CyberSecure edition
  6. Choose “Already a user” in the bottom-left of the trial registration screen
  7. Enter your account login and password (from the pre-flight checklist step)
  8. You should now be at the console screen:

Final configuration checks

Check that the schedules have been configured to backup on this machine:

Standard Edition

  1. Open the backup schedule settings by clicking the “calender” icon:
  2. Make sure that “Run scheduled backup on this computer” is TICKED
  3. Change your schedule settings as desired:

Advanced Edition

  1. Follow this guide to configure the backup schedules on advanced edition