How to change the backup schedule

  1. Open the backup software
  2. Go into the program settings
  3. Select the appropriate backup set
  4. Click into the backup schedule settings
  5. From here, you can click on the schedule item in the right-hand box and use either “Add” if there are no schedules, OR the “Properties” button to alter the schedule.
  6. Additional schedules can be added in using the “Add” button.
  7. The schedule can be modified to only run between certain times – this is only valid for file backups and is not recommended for other types of backup.
  8. Note: DO NOT alter the “Run scheduled backup on this computer”, unless you know the implications of this.
    Changing whether the backup schedule runs on the computer can cause problems if the backup is run on a different computer than the set was configured on.
  9. When ready, OK out of the settings.
  10. Save settings to the offsite servers