Installing file backup server edition on Linux

  1. Download the CyberSecure Advanced tarball release from our downloads page.
  2. Logon as the root user in the Linux machine.
  3. Create a new $CyberSecure Advanced_HOME directory (e.g. /usr/local/obm ):
    1. # mkdir –p /usr/local/obm
    2. Unpack the install package to $CyberSecure Advanced_HOME:
      1. # cd /usr/local/obm
      2. # tar -zxf obm-nix.tar.gz
  4. Install CyberSecure Advanced and its related services by using the following commands:
    1. # cd /usr/local/obm
    2. # ./bin/
  5. Details of the installation can be found under the install.log file in $CyberSecure Advanced_HOME/bin.
  6. Now configure the backup agent