Configuring backup sets in Linux/BSD (CLI mode)

Backup sets cannot be created in command line mode.

Before accessing the backup application in command line mode, please use the web interface to create the initial user account & backup set.

Add backup set(s)

  1. Login to the web console
  2. Create the desired backup set(s) via the web console

Set encryption password

  1. Run the configurator: sudo /usr/local/obm/bin/
  2. It will prompt for an encryption password for each backup set – enter your desired encryption settings, please read our guide about passwords first
  3. Enable the relevant backup set(s) to be run on this computer
  4. Quit from the configurator
  5. Set spooling directory to /tmp in the web console
  6. Add desired schedule from web console for each backup set
  7. Seeding/backups can be taken via the “” script

Important Notes

  1. The “Run scheduled backup on computers named:” field should match the output from the hostname command in linux.
  2. Check the $HOME/.obm/log/Scheduler/debug.log file for detailed information on the scheduler status. It should look similar to this:
    [2011/12/07 15:06:50][info] [BackupSet-0 (1323230680513)] Next backup will run in 0 hr 1 min 9 sec.