Fixing missed backups

To fix a missed or stuck backup, follow the steps below in sequential order.

Check the client software to see if the backup has been scheduled

  1. Ensure that you are onĀ  the computer whose backup is being missed
  2. Open CyberSecure. In Windows, do this by right-clicking the system-tray icon and choosing “Open”
  3. Go into the backup settings by clicking the “Cog” icon:
  4. Select the appropriate backup set
  5. Open the “Backup Schedule” settings and confirm that the “Run scheduled backup on this computer” is TICKED
  6. Always “Save Settings” to the server to commit any configuration changes

Check the backup scheduler service is running

Stop all backup processes and clear the backup queue

  • If the scheduler is running, then the backup may have become stale or stuck, follow these steps on clearing the backup queue.
  • Wait until the next scheduled backup, if the backup is still being missed continue onto the next steps

Ensure that power settings do not sleep the computer

  • If your computer goes into a sleep mode it will miss the backup, ensure that it’s been set to stay powered on.

Contact CyberSecure support

  • If the backups are still being missed, then contact the CyberSecure support team. We can then identify the cause of the issue and provide a resolution.