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Setting a fixed size paging file in Windows

Open system properties by right-clicking “Computer” from the start-menu Open “Advanced System Settings” Click the “Advanced” tab, then under “Performance”, click the “Settings” button In “Performance Options”, click the “Advanced” tab, then click the “Change…” button, which will take you … Continue reading

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Configuring retention policies

Retention policies allow the storage and retrieval of previous versions of backup data. This is an important feature as it allows an easy method of complying with business data retention laws or guidelines. A convenient feature of retention policies is … Continue reading

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Error initializing bptree …. bfTable.bdb because it exists already

Error [BlockDB.init] Error initializing bptree, caused by …. Failed to create ‘XXXX\bfTable.bdb’ because it exists already. Cause This issue can occurs if a previous backup job was terminated unexpectedly for unknown reason. The temporary file list ‘bfTable.bdb’ created by the previous backup process … Continue reading

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ERROR=MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED Detail=Unspecified error

Error The following warning is shown in the detailed log when attempting an MS Exchange mail-level backup: [BackupRequestTask._uploadFiles] Unexpected Exception: [Error] CExMAPI::SaveToMessage::SaveToMSG ERROR=MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED Detail=Unspecified error Cause This error appears to be caused by a bug in releases < Resolution … Continue reading

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[BackupSetCmd.uploadBackupFiles][] Error=The handle is invalid.

Error: [BackupSetCmd.uploadBackupFiles][] Error=The handle is invalid. Cause: Not found yet but could be the NAS connection instability. Resolution: Run a manual backup and next time, the backup should be fine.

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