Error initializing bptree …. bfTable.bdb because it exists already


[BlockDB.init] Error initializing bptree, caused by …. Failed to create ‘XXXX\bfTable.bdb’ because it exists already.


This issue can occurs if a previous backup job was terminated unexpectedly for unknown reason.

The temporary file list ‘bfTable.bdb’ created by the previous backup process (that is still running) cannot be removed by the backup software for the new backup operation.


To resolve the issue, please manually remove the ‘bfTable.bdb’ file from the temporary folder configured for backup.


Confirm if the previous backup process is still running, by starting Task Manager, check for any ‘bJW.exe‘ process:

Terminate all ‘bJW.exe‘ process, and then remove the ‘bfTable.bdb‘ file. Re run the backup job.