Exclude files or folders from the backup

  1. Open CyberSecure
  2. Click on the “Cog” icon to open the settings console
  3. (If using advanced edition, select the appropriate backup set using the drop-down box in the top left).

    If you are backing up multiple computers, it is essential that you only modify the backup set relating to the computer you are currently using.
  4. Click “Backup Source”
  5. Click “Advanced”
  6. The folder list on the computer you are using will be shown. Any source locations that do not exist on this computer will be displayed in RED.
  7. To include or exclude locations, simply tick or untick the files or folders you wish to exclude.
  8. We recommend that you only select or deselect folders from the left-hand pane, as opposed to individual files from the right-pane. The reason being that when choosing whole folders, any new files added into a folder will be included automatically in the backup. Selecting the individual files means that only those files will ever be backed up, regardless of any new files that are added.
  9. Click OK until you’re back to the main console
  10. “Save Settings” to the servers