How to perform backup seeding

  1. To begin the seeding process, first install CyberSecure online backup. The latest versions of CyberSecure can be downloaded from our support site.
  2. Open CyberSecure by right-clicking the system tray icon and choosing “Open”
  3. Create your backup set(s) by following this guide
  4. Open the backup settings, go into “Backup Schedule” and ensure that your backup schedules have been deactivated by removing all the scheduled jobs. This will prevent your backups from automatically running before the drive has arrived to our engineers.
    1. Open the “Backup Settings”
    2. Select the backup set using the drop-down selection box
    3. Navigate to the “Backup Schedule” settings and “REMOVE” all schedules associated with the backup set – this will ensure that the backup does not upload automatically.
    4. Confirm the removal
    5. The schedules screen should now look like this
    6. Click OK to get back to the main console
  5. After making any settings change, always “Save Settings” back to the CyberSecure servers
  6. In the Main console, click “Backup”
  7. Choose “Options” – this displays available backup options.
    Note: the desired backup set can be specified using the drop-down box. Each backup set needs to be seeded individually.
  8. Select “Local Hard Disk (Seed Load Utility)” for a destination
  9. Select the path to the removable hard disk (eg. F:\)
    IMPORTANT: Don’t create individual folders for each backup set, simply choose the ROOT LEVEL of the drive and perform the seed for each backup set. The software will preserve what has already been seeded on the drive.
  10. For Exchange Backup Set, please choose “Full Backup”.
  11. Click OK and the backup will seed to the local hard disk
  12. Once finished, click close
  13. Repeat this process for all backup sets
  14. When all backup sets have been seed loaded, note the size of seeded data on the drive – it should line up with the expected total data size (it will be less due to compression).
  15. When satisfied with the seeded size, unplug the hard disk and return to CyberSecure. Our team will notify you when your account has been successfully setup and you can re-enable the backup schedules as detailed earlier.
  16. For technical support, please email or phone the CyberSecure helpdesk on 1300 854 292