How to perform a backup seed

Steps for Standard Edition Seeding

  1. Configure your backup set first.
  2. Ensure the backup is not scheduled to automatically run, as this will upload over your internet link.
  3. Create a folder on the seeding drive called seedload
  4. Open notepad/text editor as an administrator user
  5. Edit the file: C:\Program Files\CyberSecure Standard\bin\Seedload.bat
  6. Change the line, OUTPUT_DIR=”C:\Seedload” to make it point to the seedload folder on the seeding drive that you created instep 3
  7. Save the file
  8. Open a cmd.exe as administrator user
  9. cd to C:\Program Files\CyberSecure Standard\bin
  10. Run SeedLoad.bat – the seeding will commence
  11. The seeding process will start in the cmd window
  12. When the process has completed, “Backup successful” should be displayed at the end, you can close the command line window.
  13. If the backup completes with warnings or errors then contact CyberSecure support on 1300 854 292