Backing up shares from a Mac

Create a backup set for each share. Follow this for each backup set

  1. Click Go > Connect to Server…
  2. Type in the server address and share
    eg cifs://server/share
  3. Authenticate if needed, save credentials in keychain
  4. Mounted volume should appear
  5. Download the following script
  6. You will need to change the following variables to match your configuration:
    • USER_HOME=”/Users/myhome”
    • name = “/Volumes/share”
  7. Rename script to script.rb
  8. Make the script executable in terminal with the following command:
    chmod +x script.rb
  9. Open the backup software
  10. Create a new file backup set
  11. Tick the mounted volume
    eg /Volumes/share
  12. Go to “Command Line Tool” in backup set settings
  13. Add a Pre-Backup command with the following settings
    • Name: check mount
    • Working Directory: /[folder]/[path_to_script]
    • Command: ruby script.rb
  14. Save the backup job