File restore

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Pre-flight Checklist

Things needed to perform a successful data restore:

  1. The backup encryption password. Without this, the data will be unreadable.
  2. Your username.
  3. A functioning internet connection to download data over.
  4. A computer ready to perform the recovery onto.

Restore data from the CyberSecure Agent

  • First, ensure that you have the CyberSecure Standard agent software installed. The software can be downloaded from the CyberSecure support website.
  • Open the CyberSecure Standard software by right-clicking the system tray icon and choosing “Open”
  • If this is a new installation, the first dialog screen displayed will be to register a trial user. If you already have a CyberSecure user account please use the the “Already a user” option in the bottom-left of the dialog:
  • If you’ve already got an account, simply enter your login name + password into the dialog prompt
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, please follow our password recovery article. Or contact CyberSecure support.
  • In the main screen, click [Restore]
  • Choose the backup snapshot to recover. This feature allows the recovery of past versions of files if they are changed or corrupted:
  • Select the files and/or folders to recover. Entire folder hierarchies can be restored by selecting their top-level folder, which will automatically select all the folders underneath.

    Note also the “Restore files to” option, which allows the recovery of files to the original or an alternate location.
  • Click “Start Restore”.
    The restore will download & decrypt the necessary data from the CyberSecure backup servers. The following dialog screen will be displayed after a successful recovery:

Data restoration settings

Setting Description
“Restore files to” Enables the restoration of data files to their original locations, or to an alternate location on the computer.
Delete extra files Removes files from the recovered location that did not exist in the restored backup. Use this option with care!
Restore file permissions Restores the file permissions & ACL’s to their original backed-up settings.