Where are the log files located?

Standard/advanced edition


  1. Open the file C:\Program Files\CyberSecure\home.txt
    You will see something SIMILAR to the following EXAMPLES:

    • c:\users\admin\.obm
    • c:\users\admin\.acb
    • c:\documents and settings\admin\.obm
  2. Make a note of this location and go to it in Windows Explorer
  3. You will find the following logs in subfolders UNDER this location:
    1. Scheduler logs
      1. Relative Path:   .\log\Scheduler\debug.log
      2. Example:            c:\users\admin\.obm\log\Scheduler\debug.log
    2. Backup logs:
      1. Relative Path:    .\log\%BACKUP_ID%\Backup
      2. Example:             c:\users\admin\.obm\log\1427246943516\Backup
    3. Restore logs:
      1. Relative Path:    .\log\%BACKUP_ID%\Restore
      2. Example:              c:\users\admin\.obm\log\1427246943516\Restore
  4. The %BACKUP_ID% is a unique identifier for each backup set. It can be found by checking the backup report

Mac OS X

  • The active user profile path specifies where to look for the profile settings (called $PROFILEPATH)
  • The scheduler log is located under $USERPROFILE/Scheduler/debug.log
  • Backup logs are under $USERPROFILE/log/Backup
  • Restore logs are under $USERPROFILE/log/Restore