[Error][New Mail] XXXX The system cannot find the file specified


[Error][New Mail] Mail=”SBS2003\Mailbox Store\User\Inbox\XXXX.msg” Error=”C:\CyberSecure-spool\1201549064328\1283040554906.msg (The system cannot find the file specified)”


These errors messages occur while trying to backup individual mailboxes.

  1. If anti-virus software is installed and is active, it most likely will be automatically scanning the “Temporary directory for spooling” folder.
  2. When the CyberSecure Advanced agent runs, the agent makes a copy of the mail from the Exchange store into the temporary folder ready to be backed up offsite.
  3. Should this email contain a virus or other malware the anti-virus software does not allow the file to be written to the disk as a protective measure.
  4. CyberSecure Advanced expects the file to be there however and generates an error when the file is not present in the backup.


Add the CyberSecure “Temporary spooling location” to the “Exclusion” list of the anti-virus software so that the spooled emails are not scanned by the anti-virus engine.