Expect log sequence ‘XXXX’ but found ….


Expect log sequence ‘6712’ but found ‘SERVER1\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group\E000671A.log’


This error can occur when the log sequence of MS Exchange was altered by other backup software. Thus, when CyberSecure Advanced software agent next performs an MS Exchange backup, the Exchange log sequence would not match the one that it is expecting.

With the broken sequence, the Exchange server cannot be restored to its latest state.


  1. Perform a database backup manually via CyberSecure Advanced software agent (using the default settings). This will create a clean database backup and reset the log sequence.
  2. A second database backup may be required if the first backup shows the same error.
  3. If performing transaction log backups (VSS incremental) or differential backups through CyberSecure and there is other backup software running that is pruning exchange logs, then you will need to either:
    1. Set the other backup software to perform a COPY backup (so that it doesn’t prune transaction logs)
    2. Change the CyberSecure schedule to perform only database (VSS full) backups.

How to set copy backups for common 3rd party backup software

It’s vital that other backup software is set to perform “copy” backups so they don’t prune the Exchange transaction logs