Microsoft SQL Server Restore Guide


  1. Ensure that the CyberSecure SQL backups have been successful
  2. Install the latest version of CyberSecure Advanced from our support download page
  3. Make sure you know the encryption password for the SQL backup set you wish restore
  4. Ensure SQL Management Studio is installed

How to restore a Microsoft SQL Server database

  1. Perform a normal file restore of the MS-SQL backup set(s) to a temporary location – this will extract the SQL .BAK files ready to be loaded into SQL management studio.
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  3. Login to the database server using an appropriate administrator-level account
  4. In the object explorer, right click on “Databases” and choose “Restore database…”
  5. Choose the radio button to restore from a device, then click the “…” to pop open the “Select backup devices” dialog
  6. Click Add to select the location of the restored backup files from the previous steps
  7. Locate the .BAK backup file to restore from
  8. Confirm that your selections are OK
  9. Review your restore parameters before proceeding
  10. In particular, on the options page you may want to overwrite the existing database
  11. When satisfied, click OK to proceed with the restore back into SQL server
  12. The restore should complete successfully