Error: The device is not ready


“The device is not ready” appears in the backup report log, causing the backup to fail.


The above message suggests that CyberSecure Software Agent has problem reading the backup source media. This is a generic I/O error from Windows, with numerous potential causes.

Some possible causes of this issue could be:

  1. A hardware problem on the device or media
  2. The device being copied has gone to sleep (standby)
  3. The computer hibernates in the middle of a backup
  4. USB drive that was disconnected
  5. A Volume Shadow Copy issue


The error message should automatically be resolved the next time backup runs.
If the error still persists then follow the instructions in the following order:

  1. Change your power settings to not put the computer or hard drives to sleep
  2. Run a chkdsk/filesystem integrity check on the device reporting with the error
  3. Check the SYSTEM event log for any disk, NTFS or other storage device errors
  4. Ensure that all drives are securely connected for the duration of the backup
  5. Check that the volume shadow copy service is working normally
  6. Ensure that other backup software is not set to run during CyberSecure’s scheduled run time

Often issues arise in the backup before they manifest with applications: we strongly advise you to immediately check your hardware if this problem is occurring regularly.