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Create firewall rule in Azure

Log in to Azure portal Go to All Resources > Click your network security group > Inbound Security Rules Click Add Create a rule to allow port 5900 In your Network Security Group go to Subnets Click Associate   Choose … Continue reading

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Install CyberSecure Recovery Environment on server

Download the CyberSecure Recovery ISO Mount the ISO on the machine being backed up Browse the mounted ISO to the following file: .\sources\boot.wim Copy this file to the location┬áC:\Windows\System32\Recovery\ Delete the existing file┬áC:\Windows\System32\Recovery\ReAgent.xml Rename the copied file to WinRE.wim Run … Continue reading

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Restore Azure VM with StorageCraft SPX / ShadowProtect

You should already have installed the CyberSecure Recovery Environment Start the VM in recovery mode by running the following in command prompt reagentc.exe /boottore Reboot the machine. The machine will start in the Recovery Environment on the next boot Ensure … Continue reading

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