Common issues & solutions

Where are the local settings/profile stored?

Platform Location
Windows C:\Users\%user%\.acb
Mac OS /Users/%user%/.acb

Erasing this folder will flush all local settings and effectively create a “fresh” install of CyberSecure. This can be used if there are problems with the local installation and you’d like to rebuild the settings from the CyberSecure servers without reinstalling the software.

What are some of the settings I can change?

Setting Description
Enable continuous data protection Allows the constant backup of selected files/folders as they are changed
Encrypting key The password used to encrypt your data – this MUST be remebered in order to recover your data.
Mask encrypting key When unchecked allows you to view the encryption password.
Temporary directory for storing backup files Temporary spooling directory used during backups. This location must have enough free space to hold at least 50% of the backup size and can be a common cause for failed backups if there is not enough free space.For best performance we recommend having your temporary location on a separate disk drive to your system drive.
Keep deleted files The recycle bin function allows you to retain deleted or changed files within a defined period up to 14 days
User authentication for Windows If your network drives require authenticated users, enter the details of the connecting user here to backup these drives.
Backup file permissions Allows the backup and recovery of file permission data, including user and group access
Enable Volume Shadow Copy Enable the VSS feature in Windows to enable the backup of open and/or locked files. Please note that whilst this feature can take consistent backups of open files, for SQL or Exchange servers please use CyberSecure Advanced, which has native support for these applications.
Enable system logout backup reminder Prompts you before logout to perform a backup
Enable off-line backup Reminds you to perform a backup if you computer has been disconnected from an internet connection for an extended period of time.

Moving an installation from an old to new computer

If the previous backup source locations don’t exist on the new computer, they won’t be displayed in the file selection tree, meaning that we can’t deselect them. However because they are still part of the backup source list and don’t exist, warnings will be generated.