Recovering a file or folder (shadowprotect)

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Pre-flight checklist

Before starting, ensure you:

  1. Have the location of where the backups are stored (either network path or local drive),
    If this is a network share, you will need:

    1. UNC path (eg: \\<ip of device>\<sharename>)
    2. Username
    3. Password
      The UNC path and username can be retrieved from shadowprotect under “Destinations”
  2. The encryption password to the backups
  3. The machine from which to perform the restoration from (needs to have shadowprotect software installed)


These steps detail how to restore some files or folders from a ShadowProtect backup.

  1. Open Windows explorer
  2. Browse to the folder containing the ShadowProtect backups on the local storage device. In this example, it’s a disk labelled “CyberSecure”
  3. Right-click the appropriate backup (here we have selected the backup of the C:\ volume from the 15th of September at 4:00PM) and choose “Quick Mount”
  4. A windows drive letter will be assigned to the backup, in this case, “F: drive”
  5. Now you can browse the F: drive backup as if it were a normal disk. We want to retrieve a file from the “Administrators download” folder, so we simply browse there
  6. Right-click the file and choose “Copy”
  7. Browse to your desired destination and choose “Paste”, this will retrieve the file from the backup and put it into a location of your choosing
  8. We can now see that the file has been successfully restored from the backup
  9. This process can be applied to entire folders as well as files.
  10. When done, right-click the backup drive letter that was created and choose “Quick Dismount”