Restoring data through the web console

  1. Visit in your web browser
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, where there will be a login box
  3. Login using your backup login name and password. If these details are not known, refer to the password recovery guide.
  4. Once logged in, select “File Explorer” from the top menu
  5. Click the “Restore” button
  6. The data restore applet will load, and may prompt you for permission to continue, please allow the applet to run:
    1. Allowing the applet to run on Windows:
    2. Allowing the applet to run on Mac OS:
  7. Alternatively you may need to add our site to the Java exception list
  8. Select the backup set to restore and click “Next”
  9. On the restore screen displayed:
    1. Select the desired backup job to restore
    2. Select the files and/or folders to restore
    3. Choose whether to restore back to the original location of the files, or to an alternate location without affecting the original files
  10. A dialog will pop up and ask for the encryption key. This key was entered at the time the backup was setup and is secret to you – we do not know any of our clients secret passwords.
  11. Once the key is entered the restore process will run and complete successfully, you can now access your files in the restored location


  1. The applet doesn’t load or gives a Java error. The most common cause of this error is due to Java not having permissions to run the applet. Please ensure you have added
    “” to the Java site exception list.