How to enable/disable the backup schedule

  1. If you have multiple computers backing up through the one CyberSecure account, please ensure all other running copies of the CyberSecure console are closed (it’s ok if the system-tray icon stays running)
  2. Open CyberSecure Advanced by right-clicking on the system tray and choosing open
  3. Open the scheduler settings by clicking the 3rd icon in the bottom-left of the main screen
  4. Select the backup set
  5. Click into the “Backup schedule” section
  6. TICK or UNTICK “Run scheduled backup on this computer”, depending on whether you want to run that backup set on the computer you are on at the moment.
  7. Click OK
  8. Click “Save Setting” in the top-right, which will save your settings back to the servers.
  9. The backup schedule will now be suspended, however you will still receive “backup missed” emails – it is safe to ignore these when the schedule has been suspended.