Reinstall using an existing account


  • It is critical that the encryption password is remembered, as your data will be unreadable without it. Before removing the software or decomissioning the current installation, please follow the password retrieval guide (standard edition and advanced edition) and make a note of it.

Installing the standard/advanced edition on a new computer

  1. Ensure the encryption password has been known
  2. Download the appropriate CyberSecure agent for your specific platform
  3. Run the installer
  4. Open the software
  5. When prompted, ensure you choose “Already a user?” in the bottom-left corner of the dialog box
  6. Enter your login name and password for the account
  7. You should now be able to access the backup agent console on the new machine
  8. Please be advised that the backup source locations may have changed with the new machine, so it’s a good idea to check the “backup sources” in the software options and ensure there are no entries marked in red Open CyberSecure and check the backup sources
    1. Standard edition
    2. Advanced edition
  9. Check the backup schedule settings make sure “Run scheduled backup on this computer” is TICKED
    1. Standard edition
    2. Advanced edition
  10. Save settings to the offsite servers and wait for the next backup
  11. Contact CyberSecure technical support if further assistance is required