How to create a backup set

  1. Open the CyberSecure software by right-clicking the system tray icon:
  2. If this is the first time you’ve run the software, the following screen should appear:
  3. By default, the “My Documents” folder is selected, for other specific locations, choose “Advanced”
  4. The Advanced screen can be used to select individual folders for backup, even on network drives. Note that it if backing up shared folders that are stored on the local computer is highly recommended to specify the local source of the files, rather than selecting them through the network. The reason is that Volume Shadow Services cannot operate over the network and thus files in use will not be backed up.
  5. Once you’ve picked the folders you want included in your backup, select the schedule for the backup.
  6. Generally starting the backup as early as possible is a good idea as it ensures you are protected early and allows the backup enough time to complete overnight.
  7. IMPORTANT: the default encryption password is your current login password. Once set, the encryption password cannot be changed without deleting and starting the backup over.
  8. Choose OK and you’ll be at the main screen
  9. It’s now a good idea to “Save settings” to the server – so the CyberSecure servers can store your configuration data.
  10. From here, you can run a manual backup, or simply wait until the schedule starts for the first backup to run.
  11. The main screen has a variety of functions, allowing you to change the backed up locations, backup settings and account settings.