Deleting data from the offsite servers

If the quota limit is being hit, there may be data in the backup that can be pruned to reduce the storage used.

IMPORTANT: this process explains how to delete data from the offsite servers. You must also ensure that the data has either been excluded from the backup source selection or moved/deleted from the backup source. If the source data is not excluded or deleted those files will simply be uploaded again next backup.

Deleting a selection of files from within an active backup

  1. Login to your CyberSecure account either:
    1. via the backup agent; OR
    2. via the web console (go to step 3)
  2. In the main console, click “Restore”
  3. Select the backup set from which to delete the files
  4. Choose “Show all files”, this will show all files in the current and retention area:
  5. Drill down to the desired files or folders and select them using by ticking the checkboxes next to the item.
    Once selected, click “Delete”.
  6. A dialog screen will appear asking you to confirm the delete operation, choose “Yes”
  7. The deletion operation will begin, after which a status screen will be displayed letting you know that the deletion has worked successfully
  8. The data has now been deleted and storage space freed. Close the dialog and the CyberSecure software to return to your desktop
  9. Note: the software may need to be closed + reopened for the free space to be properly recalculated