No changes for 4 days


You receive an alert on your report that says “No changes for 4 days detected”. This means that there’s been no changes made within a backup set within the last 4 days.

This may or may not be an issue in your particular case.


The reason we alert about this is because it’s commonly a problem when:

  1. You may have migrated some backup source locations and forgotten to update the backup configuration to point to the new locations
  2. We are backing up backup files fromĀ a separate process (like a database dump) and that process is no longer working, so we are backing up stale data.

We define a change as ANY of the following:

  • New file(s)
  • Modified file(s)
  • Moved file(s)
  • Deleted file(s)


If this is a genuine issue, then we advise investigating why there haven’t been any changes.

If this is not an issue:

  1. The alert can simply be ignored and the alert will disappear once changes are being made again
  2. If theĀ backup set is not expected to have many frequent changes then CyberSecure can disable the alert for this particular backup set. Please contact our support if you would like this alert disabled