ShadowProtect: Convert to MSP version


  1. Latest ShadowProtect MSP installer
  2. Valid MSP license
  3. Backup of ShadowProtect configuration


  1. Backup existing configuration in registry
    1. Open regedit
    2. Go to
    3. Right click on the “Parameters” key and select “Export
    4. Save as a .reg file. This will backup the ShadowProtect jobs configuration
  2. Deactivate existing ShadowProtect license if already activated.
    Note: Backups will no longer run once deactivated
  3. Run the ShadowProtect MSP installer
  4. When prompted select “Repair” and click next
  5. After install has completed select “No” to rebooting the server
  6. Run ShadowProtect and check if it has changed to the MSP version
    1. Click Help > Product Activation
    2. The MSP version will look like this

Procedure 2

Sometimes this doesn’t work and you will still be on the retail version. In this case you will need to perform the following:

  1. Backup config as show previously
  2. Uninstall ShadowProtect
  3. Reboot the server
  4. Install ShadowProtect MSP version
  5. Reboot the server
  6. Double click .reg file backup of config. This will import the reg keys
  7. Restart the ShadowProtect service
  8. Check you areĀ on the MSP version