ShadowProtect: BMR with additional partitions

  1. Select the image file of the next partition you want to restore
  2. Enter encryption password
  3. When choosing the destination, right click on the “Unallocated space” and select “Create extended partition…”
  4. Use the remaining space on the disk and click “OK”
  5. Right click the “Unallocated space” and select “Create exact logical partition at the beginning of free space”
  6. If this is the last partition you’re restoring select “Create logical partition using all unallocated space”
  7. Tick the newly created volume and click “Next”
  8. Tick “Finalize the volume at the end of this restore” and click “Finish”
  9. Use the following options and click “Next”

    1. Restore MBR: UNTICKED
    2. Restore Disk Hidden Tack: UNTICKED
  10. Click “Finish” to restore this volume. You can do this while the previous partition is being restore, this job will be queued and executed automatically when ready