How to deploy linkulater


  1. A “source folder” that contains the original data files (must be a local volume and not a network volume), eg: C:\Source
  2. A “destination” folder that the backup will point to (must be on the same volume as source), eg: C:\Destination
  3. A location for the linkulater script, eg: C:\CyberSecure\Scripts

Process to configure backup

  1. Install CyberSecure Advanced edition
  2. Open the agent software (login if required)
  3. Choose “settings”
  4. Add a new backup set (or if this is the first time running it will automatically display wizard)
  5. Follow the wizard through, ensuring that you choose the “destination” folder as the backup source
  6. Complete the setup wizard
  7. Go to the “Backup settings -> Command line tool” tab
  8. Choose “Add” on the pre-command backup section and populate as follows:
    1. Name: Linkulater
    2. Working directory: <full_path_to_script>, eg C:\CyberSecure\Scripts
    3. Command: powershell.exe “<full_path_to_script> <full_path_to_source> <full_path_to_destination>”, eg: powershell.exe “c:\CyberSecure\Scripts\linkulater.ps1 c:\source c:\destination”
  9. Choose OK
  10. Save settings
  11. Before confirming it all works, test BOTH a:
    1. manual backup
    2. scheduled backup
  12. Contact CyberSecure support if further support is required