How to move data within a backup set

Prerequisites for move detection

  1. The old filename must match the new filename
  2. The old file timestamp must match the new file timestamp
  3. The old file size must match the new file size

    Process for moving data within a backup set

    Take the following example:

    • Old data location: C:\myfiles
    • New data location: D:\test\myfiles
    1. Setup the CyberSecure standard/advanced edition on the new computer/new environment
    2. Ensure that the OLD LOCATION is a BLANK folder – C:\myfiles exists but is empty
      1. If the volume no longer exists, you can use the SUBST command to emulate a volume & path
    3. ADD the location of the new data to the backup source configuration. Do not remove the old location from the backup configuration
    4. Now you should have:
      1. The old backup locations (c:\myfiles) in the backup sources, which is blank
      2. The new backup locations in the backup sources (D:\test\myfiles), which contain the moved data
    5. Run the (or wait for the scheduled) backup and the system should detect that the data has moved from the old to the new locations