[Thread][ERS][BackupReport][BackupReport.send] Error sending backup job report for User=XXXX


[Thread][ERS][BackupReport][BackupReport.send] Error sending backup job report for User=’swc’ BackupSet=’1381879818962′ BackupJob=’2013-11-18-21-00-00′

Unable to send email Server=smtp1.cybersecure.com.au: Invalid Addresses


  • This is caused by at least one of the backup contacts having an invalid email address.
  • Can also be caused by the email address containing semicolons, commas or spaces.


  • Correct the email address(es) listed in the backup contacts, this can be done 2x ways:
  • To send to multiple email addresses, create a separate backup contact for each email address – do not use semicolons or other separating characters.