How to check retention settings & cleanup old incrementals

To configure the image manager retention policies to recommended settings.

StorageCraft Image Manager v6

Check the retention settings

  1. Open Image Manager
  2. For each managed folder:
    1. Click the managed folder in the list
    2. Select “Retention Settings”
    3. Check that “Override global agent retention settings for this managed folder” is UNTICKED – we want to use global retention settings
  3. Confirm that all managed folders are using the global retention policy
  4. When back in the main console, click “Agent Settings” on the left side
  5. Select the “Global Retention” tab
  6. UNTICK “Move consolidated daily and weekly image files to a subdirectory instead of deleting”

Delete old incremental backups

  1. Browse to the path of the managed folder
  2. Delete any files within the “Incrementals” folder
  3. These are safe to delete as they are no longer used as part of the backup chain