How to restore Outlook profile from backup on macOS

  1. Ensure you have a current backup of the desired outlook identity. Normally the identities are located under:
    /Users/username/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities
  2. Consider moving this folder to a backup location, in case the original identities are needed
  3. Open CyberSecure
  4. Restore the identity location from the backup (follow our restore guide for more detailed information about restoring data)
  5. Choose “Original location” to restore the outlook identity back to the computer
  6. Once the restore has completed, close down CyberSecure
  7. Using the spotlight search, run the “Microsoft Database Utility”
  8. Click the correct identity
  9. Click the “cog” icon and choose “Set as default”
  10. Close the utility
  11. Run Microsoft Outlook


  1. If outlook fails to load your email store correctly, run the database utility again and choose “Rebuild” – this will rebuild and reindex your store and should allow you to correctly view all your email items
  2. See the website for further troubleshooting.