Configuring ImageManager Email Notifications

ImageManager can automatically send email notifications when specific events occur.

To modify the notification settings

  1. In the ImageManager console, select the ImageManager agent that you want to configure.
  2. In the Configuration pane, click Notification Settings.
  3. In the Notification Settings dialog box, select the Conditions tab.
  4. Select the events that will cause email notifications to be generated. A notification will be generated if the box next to the event is checked.
    Failures Send an email when an ImageManager operation fails.
    Warnings Send an email when ImageManager needs attention to prevent a failure.
    Inactivity Send an email when the ImageManager agent is inactive for the specified number of days.
    Low Free Space Send an email when the space available in the managed folder drops below the specified threshold.
    All Daily Activity Send a daily email with a summary of the ImageManager operations.
  5. Click on the email setup tab In the Notification Settings dialog box.
  6. Enter the name of the email account that will receive the email notifications.
    SMTP Server Name
    The SMTP server name and port that ImageManager uses to send the email notification.
    If necessary, provide valid authentication credentials for the SMTP server. Select SSL to send the email via secure connection.
    Email Template The email configuration. Provide the email recipients and, if desired, a Sender name and Subject line for the notification emails.
    Send Test Email Sends an email whenever the ImageManager notification settings change.
  7. Click the “Send test email” button to verify that the settings work correctly.
  8. Click Save.



Just enable the following for notifications.

  • Failures
  • Low Free Space