Performing a physical restore

Preflight checklist

You will need the following before starting the restore process:

  1. Your account username (also known as login name)
  2. Your account login password and encryption key(s)Important: if you don’t have an account, you can simply register a trial account for the purpose of decrypting your data, however you MUST still enter the encryption key(s) upon performing the restore.
  3. The CyberSecure Advanced backup agent installed, here’s the download page

Process for performing a physical restore

  1. Open CyberSecure Advanced
  2. In the main console, choose the “Decrypt Files Wizard”
  3. Click “change” and browse to the location of the local copy
  4. Select the “files” folder underneath the folder hierarchy in the local copy destination
  5. Choose OK and next to continue through the wizard
  6. Select the backup set to restore from the local copy
  7. Select the desired backup job date & time from the drop-down boxes
  8. Choose the backup destination in which to restore into
  9. Click start decrypt to begin the restoration process – you may be asked for the decryption key.
    This is the password that was chosen at the time of the backup setup.
    If the encryption key is forgotten, it can be retrieved by following these articles:

    1. Standard edition password recovery
    2. Advanced edition password recovery
  10. When complete, the decryption process should complete successfully.