Physical restore


  1. USB drive with encrypted backup data from CyberSecure
  2. A suitable windows computer with CyberSecure Standard edition installed
  3. A location for the decrypted/restored data

Process for performing a physical restore

  1. As an administrator user, or by elevating privileges with Windows UAC, edit the file “Decrypt.bat” under the /bin folder in the installation path
  2. Change the following lines for your environment:
    1. SET ID_DIRpoint this to your source USB backup set location
      SET ID_DIR=”E:\Seedload\\test\files\12388324″
    2. SET DECRYPT_TO – set this to your restore destination
      SET DECRYPT_TO=”C:\restored” this must be a subfolder, eg “F:\restore”
    3. SET DECRYPT_KEY – enter the encryption password
      SET DECRYPT_KEY=”myPassword”
    4. SET POINT_IN_TIME – set point in time you want to restore. Put “Current” for latest available
      SET POINT_IN_TIME=”2015-09-01-19-30-00″
  3. In a cmd.exe shell (with administrator privileges), run “decrypt.bat”
  4. The decryption + restoration process will proceed