Sharepoint 2007 (WSS 3.0) Restore Guide

  1. Login to CyberSecure advanced
  2. In the main console, select “Restore”
  3. Select the “Sharepoint” backup set from the list of available backup sets
  4. Select the most recent good backup snapshot and select the top-most item in the backup selection checkbox
  5. Restore the entire backup set to an alternate, temporary location – we will need to refer to this location later when we restore into Sharepoint
  6. Login to the Sharepoint Central Administration page
  7. Select the [Operations] tab from the top menu
  8. Locate the [Restore from backup] link under the [Backup and Restore] section and select it
  9. Enter the temporary backup location where you restored the Sharepoint backup in step 4 in [Backup location] text field provided and press [OK]
  10. Select the backup snapshot to be restored by selecting the radio button and select [Continue Restore Process]
  11. Select the backup components to be restored by checking the desired checkboxes and select [Continue Restore Process] link
  12. Select the desired [Restore Options] radio button option
  13. Press the [OK] button to start the Sharepoint 2007 restoration process