Applying a hotfix

Installing the latest hotfix patches on Windows

  1. Ensure the latest version of CyberSecure Standard/Advanced is installed (available from our support downloads page)
  2. Download the hotfix package from the above downloads page
  3. Open “Control Panel”-> “Administrative Tools” -> “Services” and stop the “Continuous Data Protection” and “Online Backup Scheduler” services
  4. Close the system-tray icon by right-clicking the CyberSecure icon and choosing “Exit”
  5. In Windows explorer, open C:\Program Files\CyberSecure Standard or C:\Program Files\CyberSecure Advanced
  6. Replace the “bin” folder with the version from the hotfix ZIP file, overwriting any files that already exist.
  7. You should now be running the latest hotfix version – open CyberSecure, click on the “About” button and confirm that the version number is higher than the latest version from the downloads page.