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How to restore Outlook 2011 from backup

Ensure you have a current backup of the desired outlook identity. Normally the identities are located under: /Users/username/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities Consider moving this folder to a backup location, in case the original identities are needed Open CyberSecure Restore … Continue reading

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Creating a junction point in Windows

Download junction.exe from sysinternals website Use junction.exe in the following manner: junction <backend for junction> <target point> eg: junction q:\temp c:\cybersecure-spool means that c:\cybersecure-spool will point to -> q:\temp

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How to recover from a frozen/locked ShadowProtect backup

Most issues are due to problems due to the Storagecraft/Microsoft VSS snapshot subsystem. Stop the “Volume Shadow Copy” service, the system will also prompt to stop the “StorageCraft Shadow Copy Provider” service, which depends on it. Restart the “ShadowProtect service” … Continue reading

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