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Manual deployment of CA

Manual method (only do this if the auto method is not possible) Install the updated certificate Download this file. Assumes you will be downloading into your "Downloads" folder. File backup server edition: copy and paste the following into a terminal … Continue reading

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New TLS key for file backup agents

Auto method Windows systems: We have this simple batch script. Download and run this file (right-click and choose run as an administrator) If this doesn’t work, please contact our support and we’ll investigate further Mac systems: use the manual method

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Network problem: retry in…

Error "Network problem, will retry in …" when attempting to run the backup from the agent GUI Cause This is due to restrictive filesystem permissions. Resolution Ensure the local user has permissions to both the local profile (.acb/.obm) and also … Continue reading

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Best Practice medical software backup

When using a third-party backup software that has an SQL agent, the user details required to access the database are set in Setup > Configuration > Database: User: BPSBackup Password: Set in the Database tab of the Configuration screen Then … Continue reading

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Create firewall rule in Azure

Log in to Azure portal Go to All Resources > Click your network security group > Inbound Security Rules Click Add Create a rule to allow port 5900 In your Network Security Group go to Subnets Click Associate   Choose … Continue reading

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Install CyberSecure Recovery Environment on server

Download the CyberSecure Recovery ISO Mount the ISO on the machine being backed up Browse the mounted ISO to the following file: .\sources\boot.wim Copy this file to the location C:\Windows\System32\Recovery\ Delete the existing file C:\Windows\System32\Recovery\ReAgent.xml Rename the copied file to WinRE.wim Run … Continue reading

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Restore Azure VM with StorageCraft SPX / ShadowProtect

You should already have installed the CyberSecure Recovery Environment Start the VM in recovery mode by running the following in command prompt reagentc.exe /boottore Reboot the machine. The machine will start in the Recovery Environment on the next boot Ensure … Continue reading

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Nextcloud client setup

Install the nextcloud client on your system Open the nextcloud client Type in the address for the nextcloud server provided to you by CyberSecure Enter your account username and password Choose your sync policy and the local folder in which to … Continue reading

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How to restore via windows previous versions (CyberSecure storage appliance)

There are two methods of performing a restore through windows previous versions: By file: this will display only the changed points in time for that file. Useful for if you need to revert back to or view changes to a … Continue reading

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ShadowProtect recovery environment: setup static IP address

Open the network configuration settings from the drop-down menu: Toggle the IP autoconfiguration button: Enter in the static IP address: Choose OK, wait some time and confirm the IP address has been statically asssigned in the bottom-left corner: We recommend … Continue reading

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